Independence Day of Pakistan
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5 Phenomenal Ideas to Celebrate 14 August 2020 

Independence Day of Pakistan (14 August) is a day of celebrations and it must not be treated just like a normal holiday. Everyone should be delighted and thankful to God for freedom. Our forefathers had sacrificed so much for this country and we should always…

Football Fan cheering in red shirt
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8 Types of Football Fans 

Football is sports for some, but it is no less than a religion for die hard fans. It makes everybody crazy as during the game week normal human beings become extreme versions of themselves.  The typhoid of football is inevitable, especially during derbies or hot…

WhatsApp hacks and tips
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15 WhatsApp Hacks and Tricks That You Must Try 

WhatsApp is a free application that let you message and call friends and family. The world has shifted from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and voice messages. While it’s one of the mostly used App in the world…

man using laptop fast
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7 Ways To Make Laptop Fast (Updated 2020) 

Every laptop gets slower after some time of usage. No matter whether it’s old or new, a Windows or a Mac, using a slow laptop isn’t an enjoyable experience. We have list down some steps which you can take for improvement in the speed that…

types of instagram users
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5 Types of Instagram Influencers 

Wannabe This one wants to gain a million Instagram followers in three days, therefore will copy everything a successful influencer does. For instance, influencer X who has almost 400k followers posts a selfie with the caption *sun kissed*. Wait for three minutes, you will see…

Different types of best mascaras
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Best Mascaras in the town 

Rivaj UK Volume Express Waterproof Mascara This mascara is waterproof and long-lasting. It is a must have for all my girls out there. This product is very economical as it costs just 360 Rupees. It gives amazing volume to your eye lashes. ILIA’s Limitless Lash…