Although it is an extreme privilege to be born as a girl. Mother nature bestows the best to the parents when the ‘X’ sperm wins the race but this society which is a little cuckoo thinks otherwise. In a joint family house hold it is sometimes observed that if a daughter in law is giving birth to two daughters in a row (which is not her fault) then mother in laws have an objection to this as if she’s not a woman herself.  Mom in law inculcates in her son’s mind that it is extremely important for her son to have a son. So here are some times when every girl wanted to be a boy.

 Staying out late

Girls Boys staying late out at night party

Girls can very much stay out late as boys can but then again, our society plays an important role. If you’re a girl and want to stay out late then either you have to be quite independent or you’d have to sneak out without your parent’s permission. While your brother or boyfriend have no such curfew or boundaries and this makes you so furious. Honestly, your parents would let you stay out and they trust you as well but they do not trust all the men out there. So, don’t think bad about your parents for not letting you stay out late cause they just want the best and they do not want you to get hurt.

Enjoying Cig in public

Simpsons smoking Lady

Although smoking is injurious to health and neither girls or boys should smoke. But if someone smokes and especially if it is a girl then people start assuming about her character. As if smoking a cig defines her. For men it is the total opposite, nobody gives a damn if he smokes or vapes. It is quite normal for a boy to smoke out as if he owns the world and by mistake if a girl dares to smoke outside then her life becomes a hell. This is what happened to Mahira Khan, a superstar from Lollywood. She was caught by paparazzi smoking on the streets with her friend Ranbir Kapoor, although Ranbir was smoking too but people trolled Mahira so bad. SOCIETY WHY THIS HYPOCRISY? The moment when Girls wished to be a Boy!

Owning a bike

Girls riding bike

Why do people stare as if they have seen an alien when a girl is riding a bike? It’s 21st century and still it is considered quite odd for girls to ride a bike or even a cycle. People should get punched in the face for having such mentality. There should be lots and lots of girls with bikes and no girl should ever think less of her if she owns one. Wear that helmet like a tiara on your head princess and drive away. These judgmental people can say whatever they want to. Don’t think any less of yourself and do whatever you want to.


Fashion show Asian Girl wished to be a Boy

Men can wear a vest with shalwar and roam around as if they own this damn world but if a girl dares to wear sleeveless dress then HAW HAYEEEEE, SHAME SHAME. Well shame shame to you for judging the girl and making her uncomfortable by staring at her. Don’t do this. Let her live the way she wants to. Let her wear whatever she wants to. Its none of your business therefore keep your stupid nose out of it. The moment when Girls wished to be a Boy!

Second marriage

boy holding hands of girl after marriage

I feel sad while writing this. Men don’t even have the courtesy to ask their first wives when all of a sudden, they fall in love with this new haseena and marry her. They just bring this girl and break the news to you that she’s your SAUTAN now. And you’ll have to adjust WHAT THE ACTUAL FISH? God forbids if a woman wants to remarry after her divorce or if she’s a widow. Wayi wayi wayi wayi kitni kharab aurat hai shohar ko bhool gayi. Abay niklo!

Fixed Days

girl on periods

Pretty sure this is understandable. What is the same in a man’s life to having constant pain, cravings, bleeding, and a rollercoaster of emotions for a week straight? Yup, nothing. Plus, any trips to the doctor are way too uncomfortable and frequently required. Why God whyyyyy?


pregnant woman clipart

It may be a lovely experience, but the body transformation and all of the possible complications that come along with labor are unquestionably incomparable to anything in any man’s life. If a man gets flu, he starts acting like a toddler! Whereas a woman can’t complain when she’s gone through a traumatic experience in her life and that is LABOUR. The moment when Girls wished to be a Boy!

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