Many brave men, many fair maidens, had breakfast with their families and as the sun vanished, had supper with their ancestors in the next world. Such were the monstrosities of the Black Death that hit Europe and shattered the human civilization to its core. The thought that crippled the mind of the human being was the unavailability of the cure to this demonic ailment. People ran with their shoes in hand on the sight of a mouse as they were the carriers of disease and the history became witness to the greatest migrations on the face of the mother earth.

Today is the time when the world is once again confronted with a disease from the depths of hell. I would call it as a disease from the depths of hell because it is rumored or called to be initiated from a bat that was sold in China and was carrier of this disease. Bats are the creatures of night and are theoretically or romanticized as creatures if pure evil. Let this be the pun of mother nature that it is so proudly laughing upon as a revenge from human civilizations for tearing apart the well managed ecosystems.

In the modern world where anything is possible, where human beings are working upon leaving the planet and conquering the vastness of space, humans are struck with another catastrophe of nature, another black death, Corona Virus aka COVID-19. It has spread within a month among the whole world and as impossible as it once was, the whole world is in a lockdown situation.

corona virus spread all across the world

Here is how COVID-19 has changed everyone’s daily routine:

No more handshakes

People are finding substitute ways to greet each other at a time when people are afraid to make direct contact with anyone. In South Korea, residents are opting for fist bumps and deep bows. French  both cheeks. Instead, some people are tapping elbows or shaking feet instead of hands. Australian leaders are suggesting people pat each other on the back in lieu of a handshake, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken to greeting people in “Namaste “style ( palms together and a slight bow).

alternatives to handshake in covid19 lockdown

No more face touching

It wasn’t long enough when we didn’t realize whilst touching our face but now it has become an absolute danger, we think twice before touching our face with our hands. Donald trump made fun about this and told the local news reporters that “ He misses touching his face” Mr. President we feel ya.

touching face in cornoavirus

Work from home

At start it felt such a relief to work from home but now it has become boring. It is basic human nature that we start getting bored after a while. Now working from home has become exhausting and everyone wants to go back asap. People have started missing their offices and those boring lunch breaks.

work from home

No more dine outs

Oh my gosh, do you guys remember those great days when we used to go out even at midnight and grab coffee. Well those days are long gone. Now we are bound to eat at our home. I miss all those great steaks and doughnuts. Can’t wait till this pandemic fully goes away.

restaurants closed during lock down

Scared of public transportation

A quick trip to visit friends and family is suddenly causing people to think twice. Instead of getting on a bus, driving a few hours or taking a train, people are staying home and interacting online. Airports have caused particular panic for some. People are delaying trips or cancelling flights in an effort to assuage their anxieties over the virus. Subways, buses and other forms of public transportation can feel like germ factories. But face masks and even gloves have become a common sight for commuters in recent weeks. Honestly, I’m scared till my guts to use any public transport cause I don’t know who is carrying this deadly virus.

Worshiping has become different

empty mosque kabba due to lock down

Earlier people used to go to mosques, churches, and temples to pray but they have to stay at home because it is not safe for such a large group of people to gather at one place. Therefore, everyone has decided to stay at home as this is the safest place for everyone. God is everywhere so there is no need to put your life in danger. Stay at home and stay safe.

The pun here is that there is no vaccine or cure to this virus yet. Corona Virus has changed the life style. This is just affecting the human population and creating a mental havoc among the human beings. Human mind considers a problem as a problem until its solution is available. But right now this virus has affected all the population simultaneously and the whole world is in complete despair. As it has no cure or vaccine available. People are scared and social distancing is maintained in order to stay away from each other. In the fear of encountering or harboring the germs of this virus we have become all alone. The world is in havoc but the mother earth is healing & enjoying a laugh upon the dominance of human race.

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