Revival International School is the change that Pakistan required

British and American schools installed within Pakistan are observably providing an international education to the young generation. But the fact that is denied by the parents that how these schools are effecting the growth and moral development of Pakistani children according to the notions and values of Islam. Adultery is common, drugs are in trend, cigarettes are the latest fashion, disrespecting your father is the height of coolness, dissing your teacher is the sign of leadership potential and worst of all, atheism and disbelief is the new table talk among youth.

Schools are the foundation builders of the students and Islam, the guiding beacon of light is the darkness of despair for all the Muslims. Unfortunately, Islam is miniaturized into one tiny Islamiyat book. We are learning the notions of the west and considering the fact that how they are so much better than us, unaware of the fact that there was a time when Europe was busy absorbing the fruits of the centuries of productivity and creativity of Muslims. Now such schooling is dismissing the Quran and Sunnah that we were born into and are drawn towards the ideals of the west.

Revival International School System

Philosophy of Revival International School System

‘REVIVAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SYSTEM’ has its own philosophy of teaching Arabic language and instilling Quranic plans within the students through adjoining contemporary education with Islamic Education. The purpose is to provide the society with good practicing Muslims having critical and creative thinking abilities to succeed in the modern world as well. The native Muslim teachers from China, Germany and UK reside within the school to teach foreign languages alongside the current curriculum. It helps the children grasp the knowledge and language standards of the international community as well.

Revival International School System class

This school is what current education system requires because deep down people are sick of the schools that are turning their children into western hooligans with their own miserable philosophies of life that will do nothing but take them to Hell in Akhirah. Education in Islam was the most beautiful thing in the whole history where teacher was the most respected profession among all, and students had their life sorted out with knowledge and skills. Revival International School System is bringing about a Revival within the whole education system of Pakistan. It consists of like-minded people with deep love for Islam and its notions who want to give back good practicing Muslims to the society with great modern skill set.

Skill Based learning – A game changer

In present savvy and digitally oriented social media, there is a need for learning that is not only based on the theory but also gives students a chance to practically apply them in daily life to gain skills and experience. The problem with today’s education system in Pakistan is that it does not belong to the present day but is decades old. We are still focusing on the theoretical and curriculum based learning where the practical applications are to its minimum and the only race against time is to achieve grades.

nursery class
nursery class

REVIVAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SYSTEMis bringing a whole new level of education in Pakistan to chiefly focus on skills and project-based learning. Such abilities will be inculcated within the young minds of students so that tomorrow they can be leaders of the world. What is skill-based learning? It is to use the already learned knowledge within the class and lectures and to find a practical platform to apply it. Knowledge is imparted through planning and practice to evolve the students into independent thinkers and to prepare them for all the challenges of the future.

This school is a game changer in the whole education system of Pakistan. All the courses are taught through emphasis on skill development and student engagement. This system does not believe in learning the data from the textbooks rather its practical demonstration as well. Revival International School would be a revival of education. Its aim is to spark creativity, enhance collaborative problem solving, develop critical thinking, build effective oral and written communication.

Revival International School System

Location & Contact Details

PWD, Sector O-9 Block B Police Foundation, Rawalpindi, ICT


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