Hair makes 60 percent of your overall look; it is very important to have a nice hairstyle in order to look good. On the other hand, it is entirely up to my girls how they want to style their hair and trust me Feeling Feminine has nothing to do with long or short hair. Although in some cultures long hair is associated with femininity but it is entirely subjective.

People experiencing hair loss often describe feeling like they’ve lost a part of themselves along with their hair. So, once it’s gone, it can be harder to tap into that part of ourselves. (You can also check our Guide to have long and strong hair in THIS article)

Here are some pros and cons of Long vs Short hair:

Cool Neck

short cool hair

There’s a reason your mom used to give you a haircut every year after the school ended. Short styles help you stay cool when it’s hot out. For the same reason, short hair wigs are a great option for people going through a chemotherapy regimen. It allows them to regain their lost confidence. Girls with long hair should donate their hair to chemo patients. It is such a good deed to make others feel better.

Dating Prospects

long vs short hair on date

It’s not something we agree with, but studies do show that most men say they would prefer to date a woman with long hair. Additionally, women with longer hair get more matches on dating apps. That said, a man who doesn’t think you look just as beautiful with short hair as you do with long hair isn’t worth your time, ladies.

 Lack of Versatility

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When your hair is very short, there’s often not much you can do to change up the look. If you like having the flexibility to throw your hair back in a ponytail every now and again, a shorter style might just not be for you. It also depends on your face. Your hairstylist can guide you better. Don’t cut your hair at home. There are plenty of videos on YouTube where cutting hair at home is always a bad idea. (See Long vs Short Hair Guide)


hairstylist making hair with gel spray

Long hair requires at least a bit of styling each time you put them on (and a lot more hair care products to maintain them). With short hair, on the other hand, you can shake them out and walk out your door.


Rapunzel long hair gif

Long hair looks good on almost everyone. Short hair, just like bangs or bright red lipstick, doesn’t. If you have a very round or long face, a short style can accentuate those features more than you would like.


professional hairstyle

Long hair may take the cake on dating apps, but shorter styles have a distinct advantage in the boardroom. Women with short hair are perceived as more professional and competent in the workplace but then again who cares about what people think? Style your hair the way you want to.



Let’s be honest, other than beachy waves, there’s not much that’s good about having long sweaty hair during the summer. If it’s down your neck, it’s like wearing a wool scarf in the desert. If it’s up in bun or ponytail, it feels like you’re wearing a heating pad on your head. Not fun, friends.

That Tickly Feeling

hair from butt

You know, THAT feeling. The feeling when you know there’s definitely a long stray hair somewhere on the back of your arm, but you can’t find it, so you just keep swatting at your back like a crazy person.

 Drying Time

wet girl looking in mirror

Ask any stylist who’s ever given a blowout: the shorter the hair, the quicker the drying time. When you have long hair, it’s super important to let the hair dry completely after you wash them and that can take more than a day with some longer styles.

So, which length do I think is superior (Long vs Short Hair)?


If you want short hair then go for it and if you want long hair then be patient and grow them out.