You’re here to learn about Six Best Positions in bed. Aren’t you? Sorry to burst your bubble. Here it goes.  


Man lying ob bed missionary best positions in bed

You can sleep comfortably in this position. If you have not slept in days. This position is the best to relax your muscles and when you will wake up you will be fresh as a cucumber or tomato (we don’t judge vegetables). Also, depends on which fruit or vegetable you like.. he he.

Edge of the Bed

Man and woman lying on edge of bed best positions in bed

This position is a common favorite for both men and women, as it encourages deep sleep. With the woman lying on her back (hips at the edge of the bed) she can sleep peacefully. Her legs can rest up against the edge and it will give her this soothing effect. Sleeping in this position can give you amazing dreams. You can dream about anything. All those fantasies. Hmmm ?


angry stubborn woman with cat on bed

This position is the best for all cat lovers. You can keep your cute kitty in your bed and she can sleep comfortably with you as well. Cats are such attitude queens and if you’ll let your darling pet sleep on bed then she will probably cut some of that attitude and would probably start loving you as well.

The Amazon

meme big face with pillow on lap

Right away, know that this position requires some added effort and flexibility. But it pays off for the woman by offering lots of control. How? Let me tell you, open your laptop, click on internet browser, type Amazon and buy lots of shoes, jewelry and dresses. Pamper yourself, my girl! Buy whatever you can on your man’s card. You deserve it.

Pirate’s Bounty

cartoon pirate woman with tongue out

Ohhh Pirates of the Caribbean, you can watch this amazing Johnny Depp movie on Netflix and eat bounty whilst watching it. This movie is very interesting and oh, all the coconut chocolate goodness, yummm. I’m already imagining how good this combo is. Do try it. You will have loads of fun.

Pizza and Coke

girl eating pizza best positions in bed

Isn’t this this the best position in your bed. Prepare your bed by putting neat sheets, then jump on it with your warm cheesy pizza. Top it off with coke (whichever you like). HEAVEEEEN. All those yummy carbs going into your body. Treat yo self my friends. You need this. You do not have to feel guilty about it, you don’t even have to share a bit of your pizza with anyone. Eat it all !

Hope you were not disappointed by reading the Best Positions in Bed for relaxing.

meme face smile

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