Aray bai kaun hai yeh society, kahan sey ayi hai yeh society? Kab sey wajood mein naam aya hai “SOCIETY “ ka?

These are some questions that arise in the mind of any millennial. Lets  see what Wikipedia has to say about it:

A society is a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same spatial or social territory, typically subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations. Societies are characterized by patterns of relationships (social relations) between individuals who share a distinctive culture and institutions; a given society may be described as the sum total of such relationships among its constituent of members. In the social sciences, a larger society often exhibits stratification or dominance patterns in subgroups.

Social evils in society

Now that I have read what Hazrat Wikipedia has to say. I have concluded that nowhere in the definition of society there is written that society can decide what I’m going to wear outside, with whom I can talk to, whether I can wear short clothes or not, whether I can have male friends or if I am a man it is very bad if I cry in public or put henna on my hands.. the list goes on.


What will people say quote

WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY is one of the social evils in society. Do people pay your bills? Nahi na? Then log (society) ky two cents should not matter. Do whatever you think is right. If you want to go on a trip with your friends then go, if you want to have a fancy wedding, make it as grand as you can. If you want a simple wedding then  make it as simple as you want.

Iss chaker mein na rehna ky society kia kahay gi. Kehne dou jou kehti hai, you should not worry about it. If they want to poke their nose in your matters so badly, then let them do it because if you wont give a reaction then they will get tired and eventually min their own business. The worst thing that can happen is that you will start living the way you want to and I guess it is not that bad, is it?

Girls vs Society

girl thinking abut what people will say

Want to get married late? It’s totally fine. Don’t want to have children? Even better. Want to ride a bike? AWESOME. Dress the way you want to, eat whatever you like, make your own decisions, try to be financially independent ASAP.. Just don’t bother yourself with all the sh*t this society has to say. THEIR OPINION DOES NOT MATTER.

Men vs Society

people pointing man on what people will think

26 ka hogeya aur kamata nahi hai? Haan nahi kamata! Bhaar mein jayo. Divorce hogayi? Zarur iska affair chal raha hoga kisi aur larki ky sath. In reality, his wife was a toxic material and the best thing this dude did was to get rid of her.

Social Evils In Society What will people think

So my dear lovelies do what your heart says and do not give a damn to what society think. Society will only love you when you are dead as you can see in #sushantsinghrajputs case.

So don’t be dead fishes and go with the flow irrespective of these social evils in society.


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