Ever wonder which is the subject that every student hates? Yes, you have guessed it right. Certainly, the most hated subject in the world by the students is none other than Mathematics.

Math; Disappointment

Boy showing Help board Subject Students Hate

This one word consisting 4 alphabets has ruined lives ever since. Well this subject can never solve its own problems; it is like that one aunt in the family who loves to create problems. For years it is bothering everyone to find its ‘X’. No, MATH WE CAN NOT JUST FREAKING DO IT YOURSELF.

Mumbo Jumbo

student tired of mathematics Subject Students Hate

You ever been to a new place, that you don’t speak the language of? How does it feel? How do we feel when we go to the cash register? They ask us something. “Uh, chicken or scrambled eggs? You know what I’m saying? Like, scramble, can you do it?” They look at us like we’re idiots, right? That’s how you feel if you don’t speak a language. Math is simply a language. Once you learn to speak it, you will enjoy speaking it to other people.

It’s cool to say, I hate math

Think about it. How many students in school actually have said, “I hate math?” How many have you said? Have you said it? You’ve said it before, haven’t you? You probably said, “I hate math,” before, huh? Probably said, “I hate math.” Your family say, “I hate math.” “Mommy, I hate math. I hate math.” This is like an epidemic, everybody says that it’s cool. I am supposed to also say, “I hate math.

What’s the point?

Who cares? When am I ever really going to use math in the first place? I’m never going to use math in my life. Who cares about this math stuff? When in the world are you going to use linear algebra, quadratic equation and matrices. NEVER!

It’s absolute.

So, because math is based on absolute, it doesn’t give the people room for debate. You may like debate. For instance, imagine we’re sitting in math class, and the teacher says, “So, what is the answer? Three multiply three.” Kid goes up and writes the number 9. “Miss Mahnoor? I’d like to debate that. I’m not sure if the formula three times three is absolutely nine. It could be 8.999, because who knows? Who truly knows it is nine?”


Talk about pie, who knew it is 3.14? Math makes food sound so boring. So everyone in MATH class is so focused and serious but when numbers like 69 appear on the board then our dirty mind compels us to think about all those secret things. Well, cant help it.

Quadratic equation

Subject Students Hate  Math in real life

The mighty quadratic equation. Every freaking year when I had to study math this weird equation came out of no where and according to my profs, if you can not solve the question then just apply this equation to it. Tada, you’ll have your answer. No, prof I hate this good for nothing method.

Whats up with all these Math teachers? Why do they keep teaching even after the class is over?

*Bell rings*

*Math teacher nervously starts solving the next ques*

Why teacher? Why?

Math, just not my cup of tea.

Surely, you guys can relate as well.

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Subject Students Hate  Math in real life
(subject students hate) (subject students hate)