Football is sports for some, but it is no less than a religion for die hard fans. It makes everybody crazy as during the game week normal human beings become extreme versions of themselves.  The typhoid of football is inevitable, especially during derbies or hot matches between rivals. Some of them smoke excessive cigarettes to calm the nerves, others prefer to be remain perfectly sober. While some of them react to every throw-in given against the team as if the referee has disrespected entire nation and equally celebrating every corner won with the excitement of a kid having Eidi in his hand. Here are 8 types of fans you will always encounter on a matchday regardless of which team you follow.

Shirtless fan cheering in crowd

The Specialist in Commentary

Jamie Carrager and gary Neville Commentary

The most interesting ones are the expert commentators who think that only they are seeing what is going on in the match. They comment on every pass and kick while giving an in-depth analytical comment. Listen, mate. Never mess with this clan of fans. They know their team’s facts, statistics, winning streaks, and all that supporting stuff.  Their commentary begins when the first player steps in and lasts till you reach back home. For some reasons, you need to have these kinds of fans around you as they spread knowledge that you don’t know.

The Coach

young fan shouting everton

Here come the most annoying ones. These types of football fans keeps on shouting on every other pass, corner and free kick. “O Man, what are you doing? Get it together boys!”. I think Liverpool has mistakenly hired Klopp, they should have hired him instead. We all feel your pain mate, save your anger for the last ten minutes.

The Ardent and Emotional

Fans korea hugging emotional types of football fans

I feel for this type of fans. They are too passionate and keen supporter of their team that they get emotional every now and then. They also like to give hugs instead of high fives after their team scores. Guys, please do not hurt their feelings by having any debate, argument or discussion with them. They do not need consoling nor your expert opinion. Just let them watch the match and if they lose, wait till next morning to comment on performance of their team.

The Drowsy One

sleeping in front of tv types of football fans

I personally don’t support this type of fans. They will keep on giving expert opinions long before the match and at the last moment they will sleep as bed is more alluring place for them. Some of them wake up in the last ten minutes having missed all the suspenseful moments and start sharing thoughts on social media or groups. Are you guys really fall in the fans category?

The Past Champions

liverpool champions in 1990

I’m not going to say about Liverpool Fans now as they have just won the league. These types of football fans are always stuck in the history when their team used to strike back out of nowhere in last moments. If you are discussing about 2020, they will intercept and start telling about the facts of 1990s when their team were The Champions. They are very enthusiastic, hopeful and blinded by love for their team.

The Fantasy League Master

Fantasy League Meme types of football fans

Most of us gave up on Fantasy Football after our striker or goalkeeper was sent off and we got minus points or we forgot to replace our injured players. But wait, there is always kind of fans who particularly spare time to maintain their team with a level of research and thorough details that even Sir Alex Ferguson would not do. They analyze player’s form, upcoming fixtures, percentage of selected players and God knows what other details.

The Social Media Expert

types of football fans meme social media

This type of fans watches the game merely as to update its social circle. They are more concerned with the environment and outfits than paying attention to the actual game. You also notice them taking selfies and posting them on Facebook or Insta. They have no loyalty towards the game but pretend like they are the diehard fans and keeps on posting status after status.  

The Transfers King

Transfers ronaldo

They are the ones who are thinking more than Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti about the upcoming transfers. These types of football fans starts on updating its social circle about transfer saga long before the Transfer Window opens. They will always keep masala and spice in the WhatsApp groups and at the end what they have predicted never goes their way. Guys I feel pity of ManU fans in this regard.

types of football fans meme

Most likely, you will find that you fit in more than one category depending on the team you support and the level of enthusiasm you have for the game. Do share it with your football family to see who fits where.

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