This family is a combo of Masala Tarqa with a lot of wit. Lets start with your, mine and everyone’s favorite Ama (Lubna Faryad). Lockdown in Pakistan was just so suffocating but such great content by Munshi family kept us entertained.

Lubna Faryad Munshi Family

Miss Lubna Faryad

Miss Lubna lives in Lahore, Pakistan and speaks fluent Punjabi. The views she presents in her show are just so damn amazing. She is full of life and spreads joy through her show. She is known by the name Ama and now she is Ama of so many children all across the globe. Ama started her show this year and it became popular within no time.

ama tv aur mein by munshi family

 Miss Lubna reviews Pakistani dramas of her own choice. Her reviews are so different yet so funny. She addresses all the problems in the scripts. According to her she is not a professional critic but since she has been watching dramas for a long time now, she can tell which script is good and which is not. Her show “Ama Tv aur Mein” comes once a week which runs on YouTube. Along with her is talented son Momin Ali Munshi who is running his successful channel “Galaxy Lollywood” on YouTube while Ama Tv aur Mein is a segment on this show. Momin is such a good son who encourages his mom to create such good content for us.

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Almost everyone loves Ama but recently Bushra Ansari, a famous Pakistani Celebrity wished death upon her just because she didn’t like criticism on her drama “ Zebaish” tch tch tch Bushra Ji. Ama handled the whole situation quite maturely and forgave her for using such harsh words. This is how Ama became even more loved and kind one. Ama has 104k followers on Instagram and her comment section is flooded with praises. More power to you Ama.

Honey Singh commented on profile and told Ama how amazing she is. Ama you truly are great and kind. Stay same! ????

Now I’m going to introduce the man behind all this amazing content Momin Ali Munshi *clapping*.

Momin Ali Munshi

Momin ALI

He is a LUMS Grad and was on the dean’s honor list. He graduated with distinction.  Despite having a degree in Economics, Momin started his show in the year 2017 on YouTube named as “One Take” produced by Walnut in which he interview Pakistani Celebrities. Now he co hosts Ama Tv aur Mein with his mom and what’s the 411 his gorgeous sister Iman. Both shows are quite successful and people love them a lot.

Iman Ali Munshi

Iman Ali

Last but not the least Miss Iman Ali Munshi. She is the baby Munshi of the family. Iman is such a kind hearted and intelligent girl. Her spontaneous comments in her show which she co hosts with Momin is such a hit. “What’s the 411” is a segment which is full of spice and entertainment. Iman and Momin address all the current hot topics circulating in the prior week. They also give their take on rumors which are asked by their fans and for this they ask their viewers to use the hashtag in their comment section so that they can easily spot those comments

What's the 411 show by munshi family

Love this Munshi Family, their hard work and dedication. Keep making brilliant content for us. Lots of love and prayers your way guys. <3

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