Confused about PUBG vs COD Mobile ? Both the games are pounding Play Store/ Apple Store with its massive downloads with over millions of downloads. However, PUBG was released in March 2018 and COD Mobile in October 2019. PUBG is ruling for quite a while in Mobile Battle Royale. Both games are almost similar in the genre, but have quite a difference in them. Let’s see how both games differ from each other.


Gameplay PUBG vs COD

PUBG Mobile is basically king of Battle Mode or Battle Royale however, it also focuses on Arcade mode like Zombie, Sniper Training, Minizone etc. In addition, introduction of TDM mode has enhanced the Gameplay where 4 vs 4 players are matched up and the winning team is determined by achieving the first 40 Kills.

COD Mobile is basically for multiplayers unlike PUBG’s Battle Mode. It focuses on 5 vs 5 skirmishes in relatively smaller maps like Crash, Killhouse, Crossfire, Nuketown, Hijacked etc (Same as COD PC variant). It enhances its gameplay with other fascinating and interesting modes like Juggernaut, Momentum, Uplink, Frontline, Domination and Search & Destroy. These modes keep on updating after every two months.

COD Mobile offers only 1 map in Battle Royale with combination of almost all the maps available in multiplayer modes. There are a variety of components that PUBG Mobile didn’t offer but now with recent updates almost both the games offer similar features in Battle Royale.

Winner: PUBG (Battle Royale), COD Mobile (Multiplayer)


Graphics PUBG vs COD Mobile comparison

Well, graphics is the first thing you notice in every game or application. Both games offer good graphics but COD Mobile posses more impressive touch than PUBG. COD feels graphically more vibrant with fine details and degree of clearness. However, PUBG seems to have significantly fine details with prominent feeling of open space. COD in comparison, appears to be more crowded with things especially in the Battle Royale. You’ll notice more clearer and better subtitles and with the new update weapons and ammo lying on the ground are more prominent.

As compared to PUBG, COD Mobile offers destructible environment where you can break windows and fences while PUBG does not have much in nature to destroy. COD also lead in grenade blasts and weapons destruction graphics.

Winner: COD Mobile

Upgradations and Customization

Customization cod mobile

Every game lover is anxiously waiting for updates. PUBG offers more updates as it regularly changes costumes, themes and skins with additional stuff like wearing a steampunk outfit or dressed as a clown. COD Mobile in contrast is more of a military shooting game that offers a collection of character styles and some accessory details like wingsuit, parachute, Vehicle stickers etc. In PUBG Battle Mode you jump without any weapons while COD gives you a knife and a few skills. Both the games offer battle/ royale passes and credits to purchase crates or skins. Although, it hardly puts any advantage in Battle Royale modes.

Winner: PUBG


Key settings cod mobile

Mobile shooting games are just how difficult they can feel when every possible action is an individual button on the screen. So, you must master three-finger method, otherwise its really hard to run, aim and shoot at the same time. PUBG Mobile is comparatively more difficult to play than COD Mobile. The one thing that makes COD more easier to play is its auto aim shooting option that you can change in the settings menu.

Difficulty: PUBG is more harder than COD

PUBG Mobile and COD are both interesting and addicting games to play, especially once you are playing it together with your friends. We hope that this blog helps you create your own decision on which game you’d like better to play. If there are any differences or similarities that you can find between the games. Please drop them within the comments to augment our analysis/ review.

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