Every laptop gets slower after some time of usage. No matter whether it’s old or new, a Windows or a Mac, using a slow laptop isn’t an enjoyable experience.

We have list down some steps which you can take for improvement in the speed that can breathe new life into your old laptop. To streamline your laptop for optimum performance you may upgrade it with faster storage/ RAM or remove items that could be slowing you down such as malwares, viruses and even anti-virus apps. Lets see what could be done to make laptop fast.

Malware, Virus, and Anti-Virus

Types of malware and virus

Leading cause of computer slowdowns is adware, spyware, virus, malware or even anti virus softwares. No matter what type of laptop you have, Windows or a Mac, you should always install a reputed Anti Virus Software. Never click on adware or spyware that pop up during your internet browsing. But don’t get too protective, a single anti-virus software is sufficient for your daily defense. If you would run more than one then laptop is more likely to become slow, unresponsive and even stuck at times.

Running Apps

Apps running in background

A common cause of laptop slowdown is the number of softwares and applications that are running in the background. Each app is eating system resources including RAM, temporary disk space, CPU and GPU resource. You have to make habit of closing unused apps and only opening the ones you need is a good way to help manage resources and your laptop’s performance. So, quit apps when you are done using them and close browser tabs that you no longer need.

Monitor Startup Items

to make laptop fast shutdown running starup apps

Always prevent the apps from starting automatically while installing. All major operating systems allow you to configure apps, so they’ll start up automatically when you restart your computer. You must take a look at what’s starting up and what’s scheduled to start. You can do it utilizing System Utility Tools such as CCleaner.

Remove Extra Stuff from Disk

Extra Files delete from drive

Laptop utilizes more resources when there isn’t enough free space on your startup drive. The system also sets aside disk space for virtual memory, a way for the operating system to minimize additional RAM by moving older data to the slower disk. You can ease the overhead by ensuring your laptop always has plenty of free space. In conclusion, keeping a minimum of 10 to 15 percent of the space free should ensure that your laptop won’t experience a slowdown due to storage issues.

It is practically a wrong concept of defragmenting your disk regularly. Both Mac and Windows are able to defrag drive space automatically when there is no enough free space available. Of course, you may have specific needs for defragging, depending on the type of use of your laptop.

Minimize Graphical Effects

Minimize graphical effects windows to make laptop fast

You may not cut the resources of graphical effects if you have a new laptop with the latest CPU and GPU. But if you are using an older version of laptop with less resource able GPU then eliminating some of the OS visual effects can help increase overall performance by ensuring the CPU and GPU aren’t busy with useless visual dramas when you need productive use of the processors. In most cases, cutting down visual effects will produce a much more responsive user interface and keep resources available for apps that need them.

RAM, Disk and Graphics Upgradation

Upgrade ram hard disk cpu gpu of laptop

Keeping your laptop efficient by upgrading hardware is another but last option. But if your work demands better hardware then you have to upgrade more RAM, disk space or a latest GPU. Depending on the laptop model, you may be able to increase overall performance by adding additional amount of RAM, switching to a faster/ larger disk, upgrading GPU or even just replacing the battery to gain some additional runtime. These kinds of upgrades can bring significant performance improvements usually at a lower cost (if items bought second hand) than replacing a complete new laptop. Some tips for replacing hardware components are:

More RAM equals more space for apps to run. Speedy drive allows apps to open and work faster. Graphic intensive apps can perform better with an upgraded graphics engine.Replacing an old laptop battery can increase run times.

Up To Date Softwares

Up to date software firmware to make laptop fast

At times keeping your OS up to date can alleviate slowdowns caused by developer bugs. It also helps by replacing system files that may have become corrupt over time. Similarly, you should also keep all your softwares up to date.

I hope this blog will prove helpful. It will also help you make laptop fast and give your laptop a much needed boost. If I have missed a good performance tip, make sure to comment. Enjoy!