Wanabee girls on stage

This one wants to gain a million Instagram followers in three days, therefore will copy everything a successful influencer does. For instance, influencer X who has almost 400k followers posts a selfie with the caption *sun kissed*. Wait for three minutes, you will see the similar post at influencer wannabe Y’s feed as well. Such people have no creativity of their own and will copy everything.

Hollywood inspired captions

girl facing towards sea with quotation

There is no harm in copying the captions of any star you like but if you are going to use the same captions as Selena Gomez or Ryan Reynolds then it is going to be a little weird. No one wants to see the same thing again and again.

The Tiktok mafia

Instagram vs Tiktok

Tiktok is a platform where people express them through audio video music clips. Some people enact famous dialogues from movies and some prepare random skits. Now if this content stays on Tiktok then its all cool but I don’t understand the purpose of posting it on Instagram. Let the Tiktok content stay over there and be a little creative on Instagram.

13-year-old giving out life advises

kids giving advice on Instagram about relationship meme

I see a lot of Instagram profiles where 13 and 14 year old are give out life advises. They give out advises on relationships. I mean, c’mon! you guys just stopped wearing diapers and no one needs your two cents on how to be in a long-term relationship. Such content is rubbish. Parents need to put a check on their teenager’s activities.

Cringe content

Man saying OMG on instagram cringe content

There are a lot of teenagers who love to create  videos which contain fake tears and blood made with ketchup. Such content is utterly rubbish. I fail to understand what type of amusement people get when they promote cringe content. DON’T.

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