Such a unique name this guy has. (Hamza) oh okay its Humza. Never heard of it. Just kidding.

Just like the unique spellings of his name this lad from Islamabad is a successful unique YouTuber who previously lived in America.

He has approx. 150k YouTube subscribers and more than 35k followers on Instagram.

He is a third-year medical student who also creates amazing videos on YouTube. Trust me when I say they are amazing, they surely are.


Humza Amin

Humza is an enthusiastic YouTuber. His vlogs are full of energy. His opening line of every YouTube video is ASSALAMALIKUM which was SALAMALIKUM before but now he has changed it. The entry song “ Papa kehtey hain bara nam karay ga” is so cute. He started making videos a while back and has crossed the 100 mark.

Original Best Content

Unlike other cringy so called influencers, Humza makes original content which is so fun to watch. His videos are so funny. He has two best friends named Subhan and Ali who are his ogs. Ali has supported Humza from day 1 and therefore Humza rewarded him with Airpods a while back. This was a token of gratitude that he presented to his bestie for being so supportive. Due to Subhan ( Subhan ALLAH Subhan ALLAH) and Ali (Nono) vlogs are even more fun to watch.

Humza Amin with his friends subhan and ali in a pool


His pranks are just so awesome. Recently he pranked his friend Subhan by surprising him with a customized cake and sherwani. He planned his wedding all by himself and also decorated his car, which was too cool. He also pranked his mother a while ago which was hilarious btw.

Giving back

He gave his first pay check to his mother which was just so adorable.

Humza Amin with his mother giving cheque

Now that Humza has more than 100k subscribers on YouTube, he earns a decent amount of money. Well, it is not that much but still he is getting some reward for all his efforts. He believes in giving back to the society therefore in Ramadan Humza and his friend Subhan gave away food to the needy. A while ago Humza Amin bought shoes for a boy who was wearing old worn shoes. That smile on the face of that little boy was unexplainable.

Abdul Bari and Humza’s daughter (Laila)

Humza sometimes bring two characters in his video

  • Abdul Bari

When Abdul Bari appears in the video there comes a cringe song at the back which goes like “ Mein Abdul Bari hoon, Mein acha bacha hoon” I just can not take it out of my head. Btw Abdul Bari is a monkey..  

  • Humza’s Daughter LAILA

Laila is an old Dora doll who Humza Amin claims to be his daughter. She is featured in a lot of his fun videos. There is a vlog in which his little neighbor comes to his place dressed up as Laila just because she wanted to have fun and appear in his vlog (that’s so cute).

Humza Amin with his dog abdul bari

May he flourish more and more as it is quite hard to manage med studies with a YouTube channel.

Humza Amin says and I quote “You’re unique, You’re one of a kind, You’re perfect as You are, U are U and YOU can change the world!”

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