Guys no one can just walk into a store and buy a laptop that seems to be attractive only. You should consider pros and cons of every machine before spending a large amount of money. So, here are 6 short and crisp things you should keep in mind before buying yourself a laptop.

Laptop Budget

The first and foremost thing before buying anything is your budget. Everyone has different purchasing power and you should ask yourself before purchasing a laptop. For instance, if you are a university student or a graduate then purchasing power will be lower than that of someone who has a decent salary. So, after deciding your budget you can look out for laptops in that particular price range.

Operating System

Which operating system to chose

The second thing you should consider is regarding your need of OS with which you are accustomed to. If you are a Windows user and you find Mac Book more attractive then let me tell, you will find yourself in trouble using Mac OS for the first time. The other thing refers to your budget as you can find a variety of laptops with MS Windows at very low cost. However, laptops with Mac OS are fairly expensive. Additionally, you can have a look at all the softwares you must have after installing any Operating System.

Screen Size and Weight

Which screen size to chose while selecting laptop

The average screen size of laptops varies from 11 to 17 inches. Smaller notebooks are lighter and more compact then larger ones which are bulkier and not so compact to carry. Hence, a 15-inch model is the most effective choice being a moderate one. But if you plan to use the laptop on your lap or carry it around, notepad of 13 or 14 inch screen would be the best option. 17 inch laptops are usually for gaming or high performance utilities.

Internal Specs

Operating Speed of Laptop

Here comes the technical and critical part while choosing your laptop. Let me clear you that processor speed or variant (i7, i9 etc) does not mean that you have chosen the fastest machine. It is the combination of RAM, Processor, Hard Disk Type, GPU and other smaller hardware components that depicts your processing speed. The ideal processor for price and performance is a Core i5 with combination of SSD and HDD hard drives which have great storage capabilities on top of speedy performance, RAM of atleast 4GB and a handsome GPU of atleast 1 GB.


Battery life of laptop

One of the important factor to consider before buying a laptop is selection of battery. A good battery life is important if you work or play on regular basis. Always chose your laptop with atleast 4 – 6 hours of operating power without charging. The battery life depends on the nature of work you are doing on it. If you are playing game then GPU will run that means you will drain the battery at a more rapid pace.

Keyboard and Touch Pad

Keyboard of laptop

The most ignored part while selecting any laptop is the right keyboard and touchpad. You should always have a hands on the machine before buying. Be sure to test the keyboard for tactile feedback, vertical travel and enough space between the keys. Test out for the touchpad for easier navigation, multi-touch gestures and nice placement on the laptop. For long typing sessions a comfortable keyboard is a necessity. Some keyboards have very small arrow and delete keys that will hinder your writing experience.