Apple watch Series 5 (Best Smartwatch, Delicate and Amazing)

Best Smartwatch Apple I watch Series 5 in 4 colors

It is the latest product of smart wearable from Apple. It poses cutting-edge features and fitness-related sensors and deliver accurate data. The new iteration of Apple watch is more better, faster and the most reliable Apple watch ever.

Stunning Design & Build

Apple Series 5 watch best smartwatch

The watch is crafted from single piece of aluminum. It presents the best possible build quality a smartwatch can ever have. The finish of Series 5 is top-notch with Apple leaving no stone unturned to ensure delication and perfection. Next generation sapphire glass takes scratch resistance to the next level. It keeps the display in original condition despite how rough you are going to use it.

High Performance

Apple Series 5 watch on man hand

The watch is powered by latest available dual-core S5 chip which is 60% faster than its predecessor Series 4. The all-new high-performance processor makes the Apple I-Watch to add it’s voice assistant functionality SIRI with voice feedback.

Vibrant Display

Apple Series 5 watch blue colour

Apple has build a slightly larger 1.78-inch, 368 x 448 pixel AMOLED display. It has a pixel density of 326 ppi. Series 5 display looks even more sharp, vibrant and the brightness levels are great as well. The edges of the bezel are crafted in a way so as to considerably trim the display screen. That looks super cool.

Miscellaneous Features

Apple Series 5 watch metallic straps

The new Series 5 comes with 32GB of internal storage compared with 16GB in its previous generation. The fitness features are more enhanced with the ability to measure ECG, Heart Rate, Activity Recorder. It includes tons of pre installed activities, Breathing Detector, Track locator any many more. The output on WiFi has disastrously improved as compared to the last variant being 85% better and the wireless energy efficiency being 50% better.

Battery Life and Updates

Apple Series 5 watch wore on man arm

On a single charge the watch is powered by a 285 mAh Li-ion battery. It lasts up to 2.5 days of continuous usage. The Series 5 give an estimated screen on time of about 18 hours. It is very impressive considering the sheer number of sensors and the large glaring screen. The smartwatch runs on Apple’s latest Watch OS 5 with updates of OS6 adding more features in the long run.

Final Verdict

Apple Series 5 watch wore on man arm waterproof

If you are an IPhone User then the best possible smartwatch money can buy is Apple Series 5. The creative design, intuitive build quality and enormous feature line is probably the best in class. It also posses well-optimized hardware and software onboard to stay powered for you at least for two days continuously.

Samsung Galaxy Watch (Perfect Android Wearbale)

Samsung galaxy Watch in box

Samsung is also known as Android King of the market as it is competing in the industry for so long. The latest variant of smartwatch that it offers to it customers is Galaxy Watch.

Perfect Display & Build Quality

Samsung galaxy Watch with box and s10 plus best smartwatch

The Galaxy Watch has 1.33-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. It is protected by a kind of Corning Gorilla Glass specially designed for wearable. The intuitive design of raised bezel on the front protects the screen from accidental falls. Keeping water and dust proof features intact the device itself is IP68 certified. This variant comes with standard 22mm straps that are interchangeable according to the style of customer’s preference. As its previous variant of Gear S3, bezel upfront is rotatable and linked with navigation through menus which feels ease of use.

Hardware Features

Samsung galaxy Watch best smartwatch

The watch is powered by 1.15GHz Exynos 9110 processor with 4GB of on-board storage. This variant also have the usual set of sensors such as a heart rate monitor, pedometer, activity monitor and GPS. It can be used to track movements and activities while jogging or even casual traveling.

Miscellaneous Features

Samsung galaxy Watch in three colors rose gold black gray

If you are a Samsung user and keen of utilizing Samsung Pay then this watch will help you with its built in feature of Pay that works very well and there is no need for your phone to make payments anymore. The watch runs on Tizen OS which Samsung has developed based on a Linux core.

Good Battery Life

Samsung galaxy Watch using by man

Galaxy Watch packs in a 380mAh battery that will last up to 2 days of continuous usage. Wireless charging is also present that will charge the device without facing the hassle of plugging it in.

Final Verdict

Samsung galaxy Watch in three colors

If you are an Android user and can afford a smartwatch of class and feature loaded then Samsung Galaxy is the most viable and practical option available in the market. It is loaded with Android Wear OS, integrated play store certification and many more Pro Android features. To cater flicking of fingers on the screen, Samsung has provided rotating dial menu that is easy to use. Hence, without any doubts we can say that Galaxy Watch is the best Android smartwatches available in the market at present.

Huawei Honor Watch GT 2 (Watch for Fitness freaks)

Huawei Honor Watch GT2

It has been a game changing year for Huawei and it is apparent that the company is making progress in various segments of smart electronics. It has taken strength to the level that Apple and Samsung have become its competitor who are currently dominating the market.

Big Circular Design & Display

Huawei Honor Watch GT2

Huawei has done a splendid job in creation of this watch with big circular AMOLED display. It usually depicts Galaxy Watch design if you look on someone’s fist. However, if overall design and appeal is concerned, the Huawei Watch GT 2 has gone ahead for its curved 3D glass screen which merges into the base casing giving an almost bezel-less look feel. It weighs around 41 grams without the strap which gives it a significant feel on wrist but during long hours of wearing it barely gives you feel of wearing it.

The screen measures 1.39-inches and a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels with even more bright display. The watch comes with classic leather strap and normal leather strap of which the former is definitely the more attractive and appealing. The Honor Watch GT 2 also features 5ATM ratings which means it can survive at depths of 50 meters underwater for up to 30 minutes.

Fitness loaded Features

Huawei Honor Watch GT2  best smartwatch

It comes with loads of features that is good for regularly fitness and exercising geeks. Huawei has provided a dedicated button to access all fitness tracking features with a single click option. It can track various exercise and activity modes such as indoor/ outdoor run, indoor/ outdoor walk, cycling, pool swimming and many more which provide the user data about the duration of the exercise, calories burnt, heart rate etc etc. In addition to it, standard smartwatch sensors such as a gyroscope, accelerator, optical heart rate, ambient light, and barometer are also present in this variant.

The Honor Watch GT2 is missing with Wi-Fi and LTE which means that you need to continuously keep your phone paired with the watch with Bluetooth to get updates such as the weather, notifications, messages and calls. The watch displays messages from various social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more, however unlike Samsung Galaxy Watch there is no functionality of replying to them.

Performance and Usage

Huawei Honor Watch GT2  best smartwatch

The Huawei Watch GT 2 is powered by Kirin A1 and 4 GB of storage with 455 mAh battery. The best thing is that you will struggle to deplete the watch’s battery in less than a week. As compared to the speed with Galaxy Watch, we have noticed that the latter was significantly more buttery and lag-free than the GT 2. However, the Huawei smartwatch is definitely more comfortable to wear than the Galaxy Watch 4G, as the latter’s bulky size makes it almost impossible to wear to bed. 

Final Verdict

The Huawei Watch GT 2 can be a replacement for Galaxy Watch for Android users but it lacks performance and interactive feature sets. It can be wholesome package for fitness related purposes but not a complete cellular smart watch. Lack of support for third-party apps compounds the problem. In addition to its stylish looks, the only thing that is really going for the Watch GT 2 is its long battery life. For fitness freaks this watch is straightaway recommend as a reliable companion at a cheaper price.

Xiaomi Huami Amazefit T Rex (Budgetary solution for android users)

Amazfit T Rex watch in two colors

Xiaomi Huami has recently launched the sports-oriented Amazefit T-Rex smartwatch that supports both Android and iOS devices, has a 20-day battery life and offers 14 different sports tracking modes.

Military Grade Design & Build

Amazfit T Rex watch gray starp

Huami T Rex has passed 12 regulations on military grade testing hence proving to be a rugged smartwatch in the real sense. The watch can uphold the temperature of up to minus 40 degree Celsius and heat of up to 70-degree Celsius. The watch’s front panel comes with 1.3” AMOLED screen along with the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on top. The 360 x 360 pixels resolution ensures good display performance and weighs about 58g. Huami gives a big raised bezel that surrounds the touchscreen display alongwith four textured physical buttons that make easier to locate and press with a pair of gloves on. T Rex comes with five colors straps viz. gun grey, rock black, camouflage green, khaki and army green. The straps are made of same silicone which is very soft and extremely stretchy and have a good feeling to wear day and night and during sweaty workouts.

Feature Set

Amazfit T Rex watch green starp in water

The Huami Amazfit T-Rex poses everything you’d expect to find on a sports watch. It features built -in GPS, a heart rate monitor, activity tracker along with additional outdoor metrics and swim tracking support. There are inbuilt 14 sport modes that includes basic sports like running, cycling, pool swimming and indoor cycling. It also features dedicated modes for the likes of hiking, skiing, open water swimming and tracking. The watch is loaded with an optical heart rate monitor. It can be used to see on the spot measurements, showing resting heart rate to give you an insight into your current state of fitness.

Extended Battery Life

Amazfit T Rex watch black color in ice

Xiaomi is becoming famous for greater battery life powered in all of its smart devices. T -Rex packs in 390mAh capacity battery that delivers 20 days of life. Utilizing heart rate monitoring set to always on, tracking sleep, pushing 150 messages to the screen daily, raising wrist 30 times to wake the screen each day and using the GPS for 13 minutes a day. In power saving basic mode which means not being connected to your phone via Bluetooth you can expect upto 65 days of battery life.

Final Verdict

Amazfit T Rex watch grey camo

If you have budget constraints and you are an outdoor fitness freak, then Xiaomi Huami Amazefit T Rex is the best possible watch available in the market. It possesses a military grade feature set with enormous range of activity tracking. Additionally, as compared to Galaxy Watch battery life of this smartwatch is comparatively very good as it can give you 7 days battery life with hefty usage.

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