Disclaimer: This is not meant to generalize all teachers or being offensive. Scrivology does not endorse making fun of teachers. No teachers were harmed while writing this blog post. Grab popcorn!

The lazy cow

Professor sleeping on chair in class

This teacher is all about eating food and snacks all the time be it in class or anywhere. When you ask any question, he’ll ask you to discuss it with the student sitting next to you. After this the teacher will ask you to silent read and  summarize it because he/ she is too busy doing something on his laptop probably playing some game or whatever but is just not interested to impart any knowledge. You must have faced this types of teachers in your life.

Cool kitty

Beautiful teacher teaching in class

This teacher is the coolest of all who likes the GAMES period we had back in school (a sigh of relief) he/ she will motivate you and tell you that you can do wonders. Honestly, this teacher is the one to whom you’ll first bring your parent on the parent teacher meeting day.

The optimistic one

Cool male teacher teaching students

This teacher thinks that there’s no such thing as a bad day in life and everything is like a beautiful rainbow full of glitter and shine. This teacher is more like a homie and you feel like to his/ her class with a smile on your face because not only you learn but you also have fun while learning.

Strict staunch and sad

Strict and staunch teacher

God knows what happened wrong in this teacher’s life that he/ she had to pick teaching as profession as he/ she thinks that if being strict all the time on the students will learn things quickly but honestly this teacher is hated the most in the whole school. No one likes a stuck up mentor. So everybody labels him as a sad duck and talks bad about him/ her. No body learns anything in class except that one apple of the eye first bencher. You must have faced this types of teachers in your life.

The Principal’s pet

Boot licker meme

This so-called cool teacher does everything as the principal says and stays till the last in the school so that the principal thinks that he/ she is working a lot and is the only one in the department doing everything for the students. This teacher is hated by all the teachers. When he/ she comes into the staffroom, all the teachers try to avoid cause he/ she probably ditched them in the past. Just wanted to be a stud in the eyes of the principal so basically everyone thinks that he/ she is a serpent.

Arts teacher

Arts teacher with her student

This teacher has attitude for no reason. If he/ she comes as a substitute the whole class tries to have fun with him/ her and succeed because behind all that attitude is an innocent teacher ready to talk about anything and forget what assignment the original teacher gave to the class. Everyone has this types of teachers in class .

The frustrated one

Frustrated teacher

This teacher is so weird and sort of perverted. Everything they say is in a sexual manner. For instance Can you rub the board? With a smirk on face,  I mean what??? But there is this one kid in the class who really knows how to deal with this teacher. So the teacher purposely ignores that student.

There are many more kinds. Due to our personal experiences we can not generalize any profession. Now I have to edit this post and editing make me hungry. Where is my PIZZA.

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