Non opinionated

Clipart man pointing okay

This man has no opinion of his own what so ever. You get a new haircut, manicure or anything even shave off your head this man would not notice a single thing. What is the use of being with a guy who would not notice any efforts you make. this man likes to build castle in the air all the time and would not appreciate anything so girls you do not need him in your life.


Clipart boy funny big head

Pantomath needs to know everything. He will try to dig out all your secrets even if you do not want to tell him. He will make sure that you tell him each and everything which is just so annoying. Bye Rahul !

The Angry bird

 types of guys angry man with smoke coming out from ear

He’s angry for no reason. You go out on a perfect serene date with him and he finds a stupid point to fight with the waiter, I mean SERIOUSLY! This guy needs proper medical attention for his aggressive behavior. He just wants to indulge in a heated argument wherever he goes. Babes you do not need this type of guy in your life. Imagine being all dressed up and then wasting your time watching him in a stupid fight just cause some one over speed his car at the road.

 Living in the memory of his ex

sad lonely boy sitting on pier

Do you really want a type of guy who would keep on blabbing about his ex. Whatever you do would remind him of his Ex. Even if you would drink water in front of him he will say that with a suppressed face that baby my Ex used to drink water the same way… NO NO NO. Iss ishq ki gali mein no entry.

The Macho man

macho man body building types of guys

This one loves his gym life more than his mom, you, food and literally anything. He would keep on flexing his biceps and would be looking in the mirror all the time. He would tell you how hard he has worked out to be in shape. It would be story telling with Shan about his body rather than telling you how his day went.

The game freak

man playing video game  types of guys

 No no no no no no no no because he would keep on playing any other stupid game and you would always be his second priority. Do you want that? I guess not..

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