Disclaimer: We have shortlisted 8 types of girls every guy should avoid. We cannot generalize all girls on the basis of the ones described below, so chill and read. ????

Gold digger

gold digger meme

She would suck up all your energy and cash. No matter what you will do for her she would just want more. She would want a nice bag for herself and then she would want a new pair of shoes for her mom too. You are not bound to pay for her financial needs. She is basically looking for a sugar daddy and not a commitment, she’ll size you up within the first five minutes and drop you just as quickly if your cash flow doesn’t meet her standards. Stay away from her lads.

Selfie addict

selfie addict social media girl

God knows how many times you have put your life in danger for her perfect selfie. She would wake you up in the middle of the night and would ask you to come at her terrace just cause she wants a new picture for her  social profile. Guys you should always avoid these types of girls in life.

Mommy Goose

couple sitting under transparent umberella

She would constantly fix your hair and tuck in your shirt, even though she may have good intentions and be great in many other ways, her motherly instincts will eventually drive you up nuts. She would want to remove that spot of ice-cream left on face in public and even if you talk to her about this she would not listen. Guys, you might want to part ways with this one.

High maintenance

Princess pink girl with crown on head

 The Princess is one high maintenance chick. If she breaks a nail, she expects you to drop everything you’re doing to drive her to the nail salon immediately. Her daddy always told her she was a princess and she expects to be treated like one. So you have to have cash in your pocket to meet all her requirements. This one is not a gold digger but somewhat like her.

Cry baby

Crying girl

This one is just so sensitive and would cry about everything. You do not want a cry baby, do you? It gets pretty annoying and you will have a headache rather than a girl in your life. She would beat about the bush and start crying about it as well. She would cry about her childhood, her present and how she is scared about her future.

The cuckoo path

Psychopath types of girls

This girl has no boundaries what so ever. She will try every possible way to drive you crazy and would want you to put in extra effort. She will keep a proper check on all your calls and text messages. This type of girl has no idea of personal space and would bother you for any insignificant chore. Guys you should always avoid these types of girls in life.

Miss detective

detective girl types of girls

Oh no no no you need to stay away from this one as she will look up at your browser history too. This one has so many connections that through her one phone call you can end up in jail. She has done all security checks on you and that is why you are in her life. She would know what you did back in Amsterdam at 5 pm. SCARYYYYY.

Chick Argue

girl shouting in boy types of girls

She has made it her hobby to argue about absolutely everything. In particular, she has mastered the technique of bringing up topics and past arguments that are completely unrelated to the issue at hand. The more you try to tell her that her sense of logic is out of whack, the more she’ll argue. She may also try to make you feel guilty about everything you do, even situations that you have absolutely no control over.

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