One year into marriage and you are pressurized to give birth as if you won’t you will not be complete. This mentality has to change. There are a lot of women who do not want to have children due to various reasons but still are pressurized in the name of family honour and the obsession to run the creed.

 No one tells you about the horrific details about the way your body is go to change after you give birth. The depression after birth is real.

Bride holding hands of groom after marriage having a baby

Stretch marks

Pregnant woman in red clothes having a baby

Desi moms would say that if you do not scratch you belly you would not get stretch marks but trust me this is all crap. You will get marks anyway because from small size you’ll be size L (Large). You need not to worry about this as it is bound to happen. Since you have decided to give then you should also embrace your marks. They are a part of all the change you have been through all these nine months. Wear them like a Queen. No need to worry about your body.

Sleepless nights

tired woman on bed after having a baby

No one told you about the sleepless nights, right? Babies tend to wake up at night and won’t let you sleep as well. They are tiny germ sacks who love to annoy parents because that’s their sole purpose right now. Eat, poop and sleep. So you will have to compromise your night sleep as well. Say bye bye to all those peaceful nights.

Diapers, milk and food

Having a baby diaper, feeder, shoes and nipple

First 6 months are easy just cause you do not have to put any extra effort in to your baby’s food. Baby will either breast feed or use formula milk. Only these 6 months are easy and for the rest of their lives you have to feed them. Diapers are just so damn expensive and a good amount of your money will go into buying these stuff.


Money in pocket of jeans

If you are not financially well you should never plan a baby because a baby is very expensive. First the delivery charges and then their injections. Do not forget the monthly expenses which includes all sorts of baby stuff. Strollers, car seats, playing dens, swings, food chairs, playing mats, sleeping cots, teethers, bibs, burp cloths etc etc … toddlers need a lot of additional stuff. But yeah, let me help you saving a lot of money (: U don’t need even half of those things.

School college University

Pen inside a book at library

Once they are done with being all stubborn and reach to the age of 4 it’s time for their school. You need to keep in mind their school ,college & university fees plus all the other expenses which includes their clothes, food, entertainment etc etc..


Hanging baby shoes with title of its a girl

Children are a big responsibility and if you’re irresponsible then you should never have kids. You will have to look after them 24/7. It is an unpaid job. You will have to teach them manners and most importantly teach them to survive in this society.

 To have a baby or not is totally upto you. This is just the sheer reality.

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