Right softwares for right machine is the best solution for smooth functioning of any laptop or desktop PC. We have complied a list of softwares to install after a fresh installation of Windows/ Linux.

Internet Browser

Every Operating System comes with a default browser but that does not mean it is the best one. Whether you’re looking for secure or faster web browsing selection of right browser is vital. After more than 48 hours of research/ testing, we have come to the conclusion that Mozilla Firefox is so far the best internet browser available over the web. It features swift page loads, smooth navigation and most importantly safest browsing. Firefox stops more malicious downloads and warned of more dangerous websites than any other popular web browser. However, many web browsers are available on the internet depending upon your requirements.

Antivirus/ Firewall

Firewall with lock

Buying an internet security solution is more viable than simple antivirus software. To protect devices and sensitive information is more vital than ever these days. The first thing you need to consider is what are your needs regarding security solution? So the deciding factors are really going to be the price and features of the package that you need along with any extra flexible elements. Keeping in view feature sets, pricing and expert evaluations of the antivirus and malware protection that each of these programs offer we conclude that Kaspersky stands above the all available solutions with a perfect score – not a single piece of malicious software made it through Kaspersky’s defenses during the expert testing.

Maintenance/ Utility

Laptop with utility software to install

For keeping your machine fast and smooth we suggest CCleaner that allows you to clean, speed up and free up space. It has a fairly easy to use GUI that enables any user to masterly utilize its features for cleaning junk from PC. The software also features scheduled cleaning that means PCs run at optimum performance without you doing a thing. It also free up valuable disk space by cleaning unused files and settings. With paid version you can also keep your sensitive data private and prevent data theft by securely erasing files, tracking cookies, browser history, passwords and sensitive files. So if you want a smooth running machine then it is one of the softwares to install.

Compressing of Files

WinRAR stands the top of the list when it comes for compressing large amount of data into a single file at a swift pace. It requires very less time to download and does not occupy much space in your PC. As it is available free of cost, you should not worry about upgrading it regularly. It features and supports almost all formats of files and can compress/ extract them in lesser time than any other available freeware. After compression, the size of files are also reduced and easy to attached with any email service. The most important addition is the introduction of RAR5 which is a new format that features better compression and decompression speed. Moreover it also provide more secure encryption algorithm.

Office Utilities

Office 365 Image

Microsoft 365 stands the best office utility tool set available for office collaboration and productivity. The software enables the use of Microsoft Office suite and cloud-based solutions such as Exchange, Skype and SharePoint. It can be deployed through single sign-on by configuring on the online portal. Primary features includes hosted services, office applications, updates, collaboration tools and Microsoft 365 Education. Additionally, users can leverage the suite for cross-platform efficiency, updated workflow, on-air meetings, cloud collaboration and email hosting. Microsoft 365 can also be installed and utilized on web, iOS or Android operating system.

Media Player

VLC Media Player software to install on PSP

A media player that has always kept a balance between usability and accessibility configuration is VLC Media Player. It is a must have software to run all of your media files. VLC is free and open-source, multilingual, cross-platform and compatible with all popular operating systems. It plays media files without requiring codec packs, does not contain advertisements, and generally uses low CPU and RAM. The app supports various plug-ins and external extensions. The interface is completely customizable when it comes to the skin, toolbar elements and position, next widget style, and full screen controller buttons. VLC includes preset profiles and allows the creation of new ones. Keyboard shortcuts are supported, and they can be remapped for all major options of the media player. So if you watch movies from different sources then it is one of the softwares to install.

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