This girl is an 18-year-old who hails from Lahore.

Bisma Khan is the youngest self-made millionaire in Pakistan. She has her own haircare and fashion brand which she manages all by herself. Also, she released a rap (Beti Bigaar Gai) which is amazing Go check it out on her YouTube Chanel.

Like every other person this little girl had problems in her life as well but she managed to overcome them and became ever stronger as WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER, that’s Miss Bisma Khan for all you. Her debut rap Beti Bigar Gayi was a massive hit. It has over 300k views on YouTube. And an international collaboration is on its way. She is currently planning on working on short films as well and about to start her own charity foundation to give back to society.

Bisma Khan Beti Bigar Gai

Hair-care brand

Bisma Khan has her own haircare brand, which she started with no money. She prepares this oil at her home with all natural ingredients. A YouTuber  with no experience and money but someone with big dreams . She saved up her Eid money and invested in her business and after a few while she started paying her own fee for A’Levels. And within 5-months, she completely became financially independent.

Bisma Khan with money written at the background

Now She makes PKR 90,000 per month from her hair oil only. Running two businesses, a YouTube channel, an influencer profile on Instagram.

Changing the narrative this princess is going to do wonders in the future. Bisma has demolished all the stereotypes and paved her way through in this patriarchal society. She is and will do great. She is extremely talented and funny. So according to her it could have not been done without the support of her parents but also because of how confident she is.

Bisma Khan holding You and Your roti doesn't have to be perfect

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May she keep on shining!