Post lovey dovey pictures

In this era of technology everyone wants to post a good selfie on their social profile. For this newly wed couples will do anything and by anything, I mean that they’ll even get married. Lol, so after this step all couples think that it is their moral duty to show the whole world that how happy they are and then they ll post pictures after every hour. At first these pictures seem cute but after a while your whole feed becomes boring. Like who would want to see what you guys did after s*x? So if you’re posting pictures please have mercy on all the single lads and ladys.

Newly Wed couple kissing on car with lights on

Make Love

Isn’t this obvious enough peeps? They are going to have it in all the positions you singles can only imagine. The cat dog cheetah 79 53 all those damn styles and moves they would be excited to do for the first month only and later on it will get normal like everything else. The hype is real and later on becomes REEL.

Clipart cartoon of couple sleeping after making love in bed

He’s mine she’s mine

Ayyy bruh, aint nobody got time for this, please refrain from wearing shirts which say he’s mine or she’s mine. I mean you got some people puking all over their screens when they see this. Pictures with captions “Aww baby what would I do without you” only when the significant other just went to the toilet for 5 mins and then he took extra 20 mins cause betty he scrolling on his phone. Give the man some break. He prolly checking out some hot babes on insta, or not. Hehe

He's mine She's mine shirt

Hold hands

So these newly weds hold hands everywhere they go as if they’re two and they would get lost if they would not hold hands. I mean, it looks cute but is it necessary? Fingers into fingers, even the palms would start complaining after a while. Plus all the single people around would be looking at them with all that envy in their heart and then EVIL EYE. Oh brother!

Newly wed couple holding hands

Cheesy Captions

Right after getting in a relationship they would post a picture with the caption “ And we created you in Pairs” or My baby Jalebi is right next to me or sleeping every night into her arms is just so damn comfy. Dude, you gotta ask your bae how sore her arm is right now. Its just the start wait for a month or two and see how she turns into a cookie monster.

Couple sitting together red baloon with quote in the background


Newly wed couple would cuddle all the time as they are two cute snuggle bears. They would not leave each other alone for a minute. Adrenaline would be so high. Sleep cuddle wake up cuddle breakfast cuddle cuddle cuddle. Through this cuddling they would transfer their vibes in to each other.

Anime newly wed couple hugging


These newly wed couple would start surprising each other everyday for no reason. They would make pancakes in love shape and then would write A <3 M (Their initials) with chocolate syrup so that it would look cute. While going anywhere they would want to gift something to each other, even while going to the toilet (HEY Alishba hold this toilet paper for me I would be back in a while love, yours truly H) *puke puke*

Gifts for newly wed couple in grey color

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