Now now now it’s not important that you have a Porsche or Merc while going out on date with your significant other but it’s always important to have a clean car so that the other person feels comfortable. Get a car wash or clean it yourself because this would give out a good impression.

man and woman sitting in red car

A Good Outfit

Its always important to dress nicely, right? Mailay ban ky jao gey tou scene bohat he off hai. Ab designer suit ki baat nahi ho rahi yahan. Na he yeh kaha ja raha hai ky Haira Pheeri walay Akshay Kumar ya dramoan wali Nargis ban ky jao but its always good to wear clean clothes and you have to smell good as well. Just imagine you going out on date without brushing your teeth and giving your love a heart attack by your cool breath.

going on first date clothes for girl


Its always important to buy chocolates for your bae, I mean who doesn’t like CHOCOHEAVENLATE? It will give a good start to the few hours you guys have to spend with each other *wink wink* but then again it is not necessary to buy an expensive one plus chocolates are not gender biased and both men and women love them. (trust me on this one and try this online store for variety of Chocolates)

Different chocolates


Oe hoye hoye bus yeh kam kar leya na apne tou bohat he koi next level *date* guzray gi ap logon ki. Buy flowers for your babe. Ab pura bouquet khareed sakte ho tou well and good agar nahi tou a red rose would suffice. Honestly peeps it is the thought that counts and not the amount of money you spend.

Boy hiding flowers for her love while going on date


Okay so the most important thing that you need to take along is good manners. What is the point of giving so much when you can not respect your significant other, you gotta treat them right with loads of care because when you take care of things they last longer. Nevertheless have a good time, try to behave well. Toodles <3

man giving food while going on date

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