Syeda Urooj Fatima

Here ye here ye here ye, I present to you a brilliant, intuitive, clever, quick witted, brainy doctor to be with a gorgeous face and keen mind, Miss Syeda Urooj Fatima. She is a dentist and currently lives in Multan. Miss Urooj talks about a lot of important issues prevailing in the society. She recently made a video related to mental health and #blacklivesmatter. Urooj talks without fearing anyone and that is the best quality anyone can have.


Syeda Urooj Fatima

Well those days are long gone when mother in laws wanted a Dr bahu who could make perfect round rotis, tables have turned now and the world is somewhat becoming a sane place (somewhat). Now they want a doctor bahu who can make perfect chapatis and is also an Instagram influencer. Well, who cares what aunties think and want? Her Instagram videos are so much informative. She can bring a smile on your face in seconds.

Inter-sectional feminist

Syeda Urooj Fatima

According to Miss Syeda Urooj fatima, her Instagram profile is a safe place for women where they can express themselves in her comment section. She replies to all of her Direct messages which shows how much she cares about her followers. For her all of the followers are like family. She claims to fight patriarchy and religious bigotry. More power to you girl. Keep it up!


She is a diva. Her Instagram pictures are just so damn cute. Her dressing sense is impeccable. She even recreated her mother’s wedding day look and it was really good. She wears a lot of vibrant colors just like a butterfly and looks so pretty.

300K Insta followers

You read it right, 300k AND counting..  can someone stop this girl from being do awesome, I don’t think so.

Mental health  

Syeda Urooj Fatima

So this cutie talks a lot about mental health and it is just so important yet so underrated in Pakistan. People prefer labeling the person mad who is suffering from any sort of mental issue rather than taking them to seek proper medical help. She even made a whole video about it when Sushant Singh Rajputs suicide news came out. She promised to listen to anyone who is going through any sort of problem in their life. Look how empathetic this beautiful soul is.   

Self made

She is the best example of BEAUTY WITH BRAINS. She earns a decent amount of money through her blog. May she keep on making such content. Here’s to watching her grow more and more.. 

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