Ducky Bhai sitting behind mic for vlog

Ducky Bhai

QUACK QUACK QUACK.. well look who’s not quacking anymore and making a fortune, Masha’Allah ….. So, anyone who wants to start a channel consisting of prank calls, roasting videos, parodies then this guy right here can be your mentor.

Acha tou thora rewind karte hain , ab bhai koi day 1 sey tou more than 1 million subscribers ky saath nahi aagaye thay YouTube pay (Check out his YouTube) It took a while, a lot of mehnat and thori si luck. When you’ll watch his videos you’ll get to know that in order to become successful you do not need  a fancy background or expensive gadgets. Content acha ho, uspey mehnat ki ho, message convey ho raha ho to SCENE ON HAI. You can start from scratch (like our other Affluentials).

Ducky Bhai giving review of PUBG mobile game

Gaming vlogs bananey hain? Acha tou ab PUBG aur GTA 5 khelni hai tou bhai ki videos dekhei. Dishkum dishkum tain tain bara maza aye, saab Rabbiya aur Raza khelein aur koi kisi ko nahi choray ga. He really gives in depth reviews of games which will surely help you with fun and wit.

Ducky Bhai wearing glasses in vlog

SHAADI KAR LI? Nahi bai abhi bohat chotay hain is ky leye. So the regular ducky bhai followers would know the events I’m referring towards *wink wink*.

PISA Awards: Bai ab itni mehnat ki hai tou reward ky saath award bhi milay ga ???? but uskey leye you have to start. Depress na hoon, agar hain tou isi depression ki force ko kisi positive cheez mei invest karein *ab mujra nahi karna* As ducky said in one of his captions: who mujra karay ga if he wins, and he did, YEH HOTI HAI NA HONESTY AND DEDICATION…

So you will surely like his vlogs. Go watch it here and thank me later. Quack Quack <3