Raza Samo pointing perfect

Awesamo speaking – Raza Samo

HELLO FRIENDS AND FAM THIS IS AWESAMO SPEAKING Raza Samo …. Han gee, Raza Samo also known as Awesamo Speaks, bai apne name ki tarhan bohat he awesome hain hamare pyare Samo…

Aur BAO RAAMI bhi ???? (in a good way)

YouTube Journey

If you watch his Youtube videos you will get to know his struggle. He started making his Youtube videos whilst he was in university. Ab parhai tou hui nai, wese hum sab sey kaunsi horahi hai ya hogi, khair this boy has about 1.24 MILLION Subscribers on Youtube. Oh bhai ab aik din mein tou itne nahi atay na. MEHNAT CONSTANT MEHNAT or achi neeyat or saaf dil .. yeh bhi zaruri hota hai.

Uncle Majoor Meme

Witty Humor

Inke catch phrases, wit, humour aur sarcasm on point hain. So, boy just bought a new home and car for his parents. *21 topon ki salami*  matlab itni naik aulad kahan hoti hai? He openely talked about his battle with drugs and how he left all of that way behind and look where he is now MASHA’ALLAH. So newbies do learn a thing or two from him. From witty captions to amazing content in his videos this boy has awestruck the hearts of many but won’t accept cause modesty tou khatam hain na in pey.

Aray bhai inke reviews matlab next level scene hai bro. Go watch it yourself

Amazing talent

HAMARI SHIRTEIN LEY LO. *Raza’s voice* Okay, Raza has started his merchandise so go show some love.

Acha tou boy itne talented hain (like our other affluentials) aur un mein sey aik talent hai Beat Boxing. Jab ap inhe follow karein aur inki videos dekhein gey tou you will get to know what kind of a generous and awesome guy he is. Har negative cheez ko bhi positve kar detay hain …. KHUSH RAHAIN , MEHNAT KARAIN , HASAD NA KARAIN !

And yes .. do follow his Instagram Page guys … Raza Samo Instagram