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How Corona Virus has changed the way of life 

Many brave men, many fair maidens, had breakfast with their families and as the sun vanished, had supper with their ancestors in the next world. Such were the monstrosities of the Black Death that hit Europe and shattered the human civilization to its core. The…


Review – Revival International School System 

Revival International School is the change that Pakistan required British and American schools installed within Pakistan are observably providing an international education to the young generation. But the fact that is denied by the parents that how these schools are effecting the growth and moral…

Crisp Lit Epic

Essential Skin Care Products (2020) 

To keep your skin healthier, soft and energized, essential skin care products are a must have on your shelf. We cannot feel perfectly fresh with a dead and non hydrated skin. It can be very hard to decide which products you actually want to buy…


Product Review – Coasters by 

Coasters Basically, coasters protect the surface of a table or any other surface where you might place a drink, coffee or tea. It can also stop hot drinks burning the surface of table. You can also place it above the glass or cup in order…

Crisp Lit Epic

Girls with Short vs Long Hair 

Hair makes 60 percent of your overall look; it is very important to have a nice hairstyle in order to look good. On the other hand, it is entirely up to my girls how they want to style their hair and trust me Feeling Feminine…

Crisp Lit Epic

Six Best Positions in Bed 

You’re here to learn about Six Best Positions in bed. Aren’t you? Sorry to burst your bubble. Here it goes.   Missionary You can sleep comfortably in this position. If you have not slept in days. This position is the best to relax your muscles…

Crisp Lit Epic

Common Social Evils in Society 

Society Aray bai kaun hai yeh society, kahan sey ayi hai yeh society? Kab sey wajood mein naam aya hai “SOCIETY “ ka? These are some questions that arise in the mind of any millennial. Lets  see what Wikipedia has to say about it: A…

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One Subject That All Students Hate 

Ever wonder which is the subject that every student hates? Yes, you have guessed it right. Certainly, the most hated subject in the world by the students is none other than Mathematics. Math; Disappointment This one word consisting 4 alphabets has ruined lives ever since….

Crisp Lit Epic

Beauty With Brains – Maya Ali 

MAYA! MAYA! MAYA! Jahan bi dekho bus Maya. A Gorgeous Pakistani actress, an actress with not just a beautiful face but with such great intellect that she conquered the industry and everyone’s heart in no time. Our very own beautiful Lux girl, Miss Maya Ali….

Crisp Lit Epic

5 Phenomenal Ideas to Celebrate 14 August 2020 

Independence Day of Pakistan (14 August) is a day of celebrations and it must not be treated just like a normal holiday. Everyone should be delighted and thankful to God for freedom. Our forefathers had sacrificed so much for this country and we should always…

Crisp Lit Epic

8 Types of Football Fans 

Football is sports for some, but it is no less than a religion for die hard fans. It makes everybody crazy as during the game week normal human beings become extreme versions of themselves.  The typhoid of football is inevitable, especially during derbies or hot…

Rising Stars

The Munshi Family 

This family is a combo of Masala Tarqa with a lot of wit. Lets start with your, mine and everyone’s favorite Ama (Lubna Faryad). Lockdown in Pakistan was just so suffocating but such great content by Munshi family kept us entertained. Miss Lubna Faryad Miss…

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